Sale process take place within 1 day. It depends upon buyer. Our sales team responds within 1 hours when a buyer submits “Get a Quote” form on our website.

We have Google approved news websites in many niche. If we don’t have a website in your niche we will get one approved just for you within 1 week.

Yes, all websites that we sold, we migrate to buyer hosting for free.

Yes, we offer massive discounts for bulk buyers.

Websites makes money when target traffic comes to a website in large numbers. Bringing traffic to website is a difficult task which requires serious planning and cost serious amount of money. If you have Google approved news website. You can start adding news and Google will index your news and bring serious targeted traffic. So the most difficult task which is to bring traffic is completed by Google. Using traffic you can make money by Google Ads, selling affiliate products, selling ad spaces etc.

No. Google News Hub is an independent business and is not part of Google.

We update our websites with fresh articles so you can check that articles are indexed.