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Big Traffic

Google approved websites receive big traffic as your news will be indexed by Google and receive thousands of impressions from readers across the globe

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It's easy to ranked Google approved news website as it's content is indexed by Google

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Buy Google approved websites from us then add news and add Google Adsense to start making money instantly

Large Inventory

We always had more then 50 approved websites for you to chose from

Multiple aggregates

We can provide you news website that are approved and aggregate by Google, Apple and Yahoo

Your niche website

Let us know you niche and we will provide you Google approved website in your niche

Multiple payment options

We offer multiple payment options so you chose the payment option that best suits you

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We offer the most affordable rates in industry. You will never get better rates then us

Wide range of countries

We can provide you Google approved news from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many more.

24/7 support

We offer 24/7 support to our customers and within minutes response to your queries

Free migration

Websites sold by us are migrated to your hosting server for free

Adsense safe

Our Google approved websites are 100% adsense safe

Our Testimonials

“I am buying websites from Google News Hub for last 3 years. I love their service and they take great care of customers.”​
Marlon McMillan
ceo of marlon news
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